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    Brick Wall - Eli Thompson of Washington County, Indiana

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      Hello..and thanks for reading!


      I am currently looking for information on my 4th great grandfather, Eli Thompson. I have Census records from Franklin Township, Washington, Indiana that show his birth year as 1803 and being born in North Carolina. Marriage records and death certificates of a few of his children validate the connection. Eli's wife, Deborah Hitchcock, was born 1808 in Guilford County, North Carolina and was a Quaker, as many of my relatives were.

      Deborah's family was received into the Springfield Monthly Meeting in 1811.


      Eli Thompson and Deborah Hitchcock were married 22 Sept, 1826 in Washington County, Indiana. Hinshaw records show Deborah as being disowned in 1828 from marrying outside of discipline. This would show that Eli Thompson was not a Quaker at the time of their marriage, which would make him one of the few ancestors i have at that time that was not a Quaker. I do not have records that show the Thompson family as being part of the migration of Quakers from North Carolina around 1807-1815.


      I do not have any records of Eli's parents or siblings.


      Deborah Thompson passed 16 June, 1873 and is buried at the Blue River Friends (Hicksite) Cemetery in Washington, Indiana. My records on Eli Thompson end with the 1870 Census of Washington, Indiana that shows him still married to Deborah. Eli's place of burial is unknown.


      My deep interest in this branch of my family stems partially from the fact that I grew up in Guilford County, North Carolina, and until recently, was completely unaware that we had any family from North Carolina, or more to the point, the same county..200 years earlier.