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    What are the names of the Osage men?

    Quinn Norris Newbie

      In 1804, Jefferson met with several representatives of the Osage Nation in Washington, D.C.. Famously, he would describe these men as "the finest men we have ever seen." The Osage were depicted in a series of paintings called "An Osage Warrior" by Charles Balthazar Julien Févret de Saint-Mémin, but I can't find the names of the representatives. Are there any records that would state the names of the men that met with Jefferson?

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          Amanda Pritchard Adventurer

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          We suggest you contact The Osage Nation as they may have more information on the delegation that visited the White House in 1804.


          Additionally, Pierre Chouteau was the individual that accompanied the party to the White House. His papers are at the Minnesota Historical Society. Perhaps some of the individual's names were given.


          There is an article written in The American Art Journal about his portraits of American Indians. It is available to read on JSTOR. You can sign up for a personal account for free.


          We hope this information proves useful. Best of luck on your research!