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    What were research interests of Hamill Kenny

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      What were the research interests of Hamill Kenny (1901-1989) and what did he publish in books and journals? Hamill was interested in West Virginia and Maryland place names and similar topics and, we think, may have researched his family's history, perhaps including Irish roots.

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          We performed a search in our online Catalog for Hamill Kenny but unfortunately it did not result in any positive hits on records in our collection.


          The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is the repository of the permanently valuable archival records of the Federal government. It doesn't appear that Mr. Kenny's written works were requested or published by the federal government and therefore they would not be considered federal records and accessioned into the holdings of the National Archives.


          We recommend contacting the state government, local government, business, corporation, organization, or other entity that created the records. Research online shows that the publication "The Place Names of Maryland : Their Origin and Meaning" was published by the Maryland Center for History and Culture. We recommend contacting that organization for more information on the background of the publication. They may have information on additional journals he was published in and additional works.


          We hope this information is helpful in your research.




          The National Archives and Records Administration