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    looking for any death information on my Great Great Grandmother*

    Laura Carter Newbie

      I've been searching for a few years on death or burial info on Mary Josephine Pierson (Pearson) Southard (18 Aug 1857-before 1889). She was born in Louisiana and moved to Arkansas where she married Joseph William Southard (14 Apr 1854-10 May 1918).  He was a Pastor and had many photographs made of himself and his family.


      She had two children with Joseph Southard, Gertrude and Fred.


      I found what I thought was a helpful piece of information on her Daughter's, (my Great Grandmother, Gertrude Agnes Southard Breashears) death certificate where her Mother was named as "Jodie" Southard, but searches on that name have not yielded any results either.


      Her husband Joseph William Southard re-married in Jan 1889 and is buried next to his second wife Sarah Stroud.  I can't figure out why his first wife Mary Pierson isn't buried in the same cemetery.  It's like she just vanished off the face of the earth.


      I believe she died of TB so, maybe there was some stigma about it at the time, or maybe there was a place where TB sufferers were sent.  The Arkansas State Tuberculosis Sanatorium was established in 1909 but that was well before her death.


      Maybe she was buried in Louisiana; but, I haven't been able to find anything on her death there either.


      Anyway, if you have any ideas where I could search, that would be great.