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    Seeking any information on Joseph Markie or Kaczmarkiewicz

    Rick Moss Newbie

      Looking back through my genealogy, my 2nd great grandfather was a gentleman named Joseph Markie or Kaczmarkiewicz.  I know he went by Markie, but his family name is (or was) Kaczmarkiewicz and is of Polish descent.

      Around the turn of the twentieth century, Joseph was a policeman among other things in St. Paul, Minnesota.  There are several newspaper clippings of several of his exploits, and some information on his spouse and children, but not much.  His wife was "Carrie", but had several iterations of her name as well, and comes from the Mdewakanton Sioux Tribe.

      Unfortunately, Joseph is my brick wall, and I can't seem to break through.  I see hints that he was born in the Dakota Territory, but nothing that confirms this, or who he may have descended from.


      I have searched on Ancestry and FamilySearch and Newspapers.com, but nothing solid that indicates his parents or where he was from.

      Thanks for your help!