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    Seeking mission details & service in the OSS of Norbert Rioux

    John Kean Newbie

      I am looking to find out what my uncle did in WWII OSS. I know he was at least on a sergeant. I know he parachuted to France at least once but maybe as many as 3 times. Normandy was his French accent (why he was recruited.to the OSS). He got the Croix de Guerre from France (their consul in the US tracked him down as he traveled the consul looked up names in the phone book - they gave him the medal 20 years after the war after finally tracking him down by chance (is how the story goes). He was then subsequently honored by the French embassy in the early 2000's.


      Norbert Rioux is his name and he is deceased. When I was three I went to live with him and his family (my aunt and 3 girls) while my mom recovered from spinal fusion so I was close to him.


      I am looking to find out the kinds of thing he did. He had to have had a lot of nerve - I admire these non-descript individuals (they didn't want the james bond type) who risked horrors and their very existence to insure an Allied victory. I believe he may have been in the logistics of supplying the French resistance. I heard a story though of him walking up a power line path and blowing up utility poles as the Germans were chasing him (they could see them apparently a mile or so down the line) and they just vanished into the forest. This might have occurred during the invasion as sabotage was severely punished with locals taking the heat to incentivize them into ratting out or at least not harboring the resistance.