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    Seeking burial location of Cliopal Boutwell

    Katherine Lunsford Newbie

      My great aunt, Cliopal Boutwell, was "institutionalized" at the State Hospital over 50 years ago for a Laudinum addiction in Whitfield, Rankin County, Mississippi. Some time later she and an older gentleman just walked off, or walked away from the place and he was eventually found some weeks later in Louisiana. In nearly 60 years since this happened, not one word or scrap of information about my great aunt Cliopal. She was briefly married before this started, and her married name would have been Howard. I am trying to hopefully find some new information or answers for my dad before he passes away. The promise to find out what happened to her is closing in on 37 years old, and the most recent information he was able tell me about was a burial record that a first cousin stumbled across in Sweetwater, Texas, dated (I think) about 1996.


      We can only guess that whatever happened to her after being committed for such an addiction to such an institution as a state mental hospital, that maybe she had some sort of break down and just walked away. The only reason I can even begin to guess at as to why Texas, and that part of Texas, is because somewhere in her memory she remembered at least some growing up time where she was born - 9 August 1915 in Van Zandt, Texas.


      The only real information I can possibly pass on is the fact that my dad swears she turned up in a burial record for which a first cousin supposedly found her grave with headstone either in or near Sweetwater, Texas about 1996. I want to say she was buried under her maiden name of Boutwell, but I'm not 100% positive. Anyone in the immediate family who might possibly have had information has been deceased for more than 20 years. Any information, records, possible grave/headstone location would be wonderful. Truthfully, right now any information that will help provide answers is deeply appreciated.