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    Looking for information early records for Puerto Rico

    Joseph DeArce Newbie

      I have done quite a lot of research on my family surname DeArce and its variations.  We are from Puerto Rico and before then Spain I have been using the FamilySearch site for some of my research and I have gotten to my Great Great Grandfather and he was born around 1800’s. At this point the record goes cold.  My question is this is there a source for Puerto Rico records for 1541 – 1775.



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          Lauren Theodore Adventurer

          Dear Mr. DeArce,


          Thank you for posting your question on History Hub.


          The federal government did not formally exist in the United States of America until the Constitution was written and ratified; therefore, we do not have records from before the late 1700s. Records from this earlier time period would be stored in state archives, local libraries and historical societies.


          The Yale University Library looks to have a collection of Caribbean history papers from the time period you are seeking. We also recommend contacting the Puerto Rico General Archive and Library directly for more information on their collection. 


          We hope this information his helpful.




          The National Archives and Records Administration

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