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    Seeking results of HR 10330

    James Jones Newbie

      My great great grandfather, William Nelson Ennis, served in the Union Army during the Civil War, in the 8th Regiment of the Maryland infantry.  In 1902 Mr. Harry Hanbury, Congressional Representative from Brooklyn New York sponsored a bill #HR 10330 in the House of Representatives to have the charge of desertion removed from Nelson's records. The bill was referred to the Committee on Military Affairs for action. This is where I lose track of it. Where can I find the outcome of the review by the Committee on Military Affairs?

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          Hi James -- thanks for posting to History Hub!


          The best source to track a bill is the Congressional Record. The Congressional Record is the record of proceedings and debate on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. The bound version of the Congressional Record, published at the end of each session of Congress, includes a section titled the History of Bills and Joint Resolutions, which lists all actions taken on a bill during that session and the relevant page numbers.


          The Congressional Record is available through subscription databases like HeinOnline, which you might find access to via a local library, and it's also freely available through GovInfo. I can link you to the History of Bills and Joint Resolutions sections for the first (see page 446) and second (see page 70) sessions of the 57th Congress.


          H.R. 10330 -- "To remove the charge of desertion from the military record of William Nelson Ennis" -- was introduced by Mr. Hanbury on January 29, 1902 (see page 1104) and referred to the House Committee on Military Affairs. Unfortunately the bill died in committee because no further action was taken.


          I searched ProQuest Congressional, a subscription database with the full text of all published committee reports, but I don't see that the Committee on Military Affairs issued a report on H.R. 10330. I also did some general searching of the Congressional Record to see if the bill was reintroduced in a later Congress (as is sometimes the case), but I don't see a further reference to William Nelson Ennis beyond the 57th Congress.


          If you're interested in pursuing this further you're welcome to email us at legislative.archives@nara.gov. We'd be happy to search our holdings of records from the House Committee of Military Affairs in the 57th Congress for anything relating to H.R. 10330. 




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