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    Seeking birth records of James Marquis & William Battershell

    Kurt Krouse Newbie

      I am attempting to find documentation connecting my 4th and 5th great grandfathers. My 5th great grandfather, John Battershell, was born in Kent County, Maryland in 1750. He later served during the Revolution as a "Ranger of the Frontier" in the Westmoreland County, PA Militia 1780-82 according to payment rolls. In 1782-83 he paid tax in Westmoreland on 80 acres of land. Later in 1783 part of Westmoreland was ceded to Fayette County, PA. He is listed on that tax roll in 1785. On 27 December 1787 James Marquis Battershell, my 4th great grandfather was born in Franklin Twp, Fayette Co. PA. In 1789 John's second son, William Battershell, was born. About 1802-1805 it is suspected that John's wife (possibly Elizabeth nee' Marquis?) died. Or, they remained for a time in PA with relatives as they would have been 12-16 years of age. A reason why they did not move with their father is unknown. William settled in Alliance, Stark Co. OH where he would remain the rest of his life. James would roam OH for a time and eventually settle in Defiance County, near Hicksville.


      Unfortunately, there are no records that I have been able to locate which connect James M., or William Battershell to John Battershell. I have been unable to find a record for a marriage of John and (Elizabeth). It is suspected that James and William left PA for Ohio after the death of their mother. James listed his state of birth as PA in several census records, and there are only 2 Battershell's listed in the tax rolls for that area at the time of his birth, that of John and his brother Freeman. As Freeman moved to Bourbon and then Clark County, Ky in 1786 and married Nancy (nee' Rector), it is unlikely he is James and William's father. John moved to Clark County, Ky and married (it is suspected) Nancy's sister, Abigail Smith (nee' Rector) in 1805. "Abba" had recently been widowed, having been married to Robert Smith. She died in 1823. John died in 1826 and is buried in Clark County, Ky and I wish I could find his grave, as it is listed as "near Winchester".  Appreciate any assistance!