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    Numerical Files 1906-1910 State Dept

    Sara Sullivan Adventurer

      What is underway for digital access to the series "Numerical Files 1906-1910 Department of State" which are on microfilm M 862 ? When I search the online catalog these items are marked using filter "archival descriptions with digital objects." However selecting the item title always results in the response "Page not found. Please try again. If you're still having issues, please contact NARA OPA." Will items in this series be digitized ? I have looked at the microfilm at College Park and many items are difficult to read. It would be fantastic if these paper items were digitized.

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          Hi Ms. Sullivan -


          Thanks for the question. The microfilm publication, M-862, Numerical and Minor Files of the Department of State, 1906-1910, was digitized in its entirety earlier this year.  This relates to both series Numerical Files, 8/1906-1910 (NAID 654171) and Minor Files, 1906-1910 (NAID 656890).  Additionally, the M1889, Card Index for the Numerical and Minor Files of the Department of State, 1906-1910, that relates to the series Card Index to the Numerical and Minor Files (NAID 65824) were also digitized in full.   The digital images were uploaded into the catalog; however, there has been a technical issue with the images displaying so they have not been available via the National Archives Catalog.


          The good news is, however, this issue will be resolved after the catalog update which is scheduled for this coming weekend.  The images should be available for online access early next week. 

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