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    Civil War Pension files in St. Louis?


      I requested a Civil War pension file from NARA a few weeks ago.  The other day I got a reply in the mail saying that the file is not in the National Archives and that I need to request it from the Department of Veterans' Affairs.  The letter also said to write to the National Archives in St. Louis for additional assistance.  Are these two different locations?  I would like to know why the file I'm looking for is not in Washington.  The file number starts with XC--does that have something to do with it?  The veteran died in 1923, but his wife remarried (another Civil War veteran) and she lived until 1946.  Maybe the year has some significance?  I would like to have a better idea of why the file might be in St. Louis and my chances of finding it there.  Do I need to fill out another form?  Thanks for any help!