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    Seeking records on Remington US Model 1917

    Ryan Hutto Newbie

      Hi, sorry to jump on here but I recently inherited a “US Model of 1917 Remington, Serial Number 636796”. All I know is my dad purchased this along with a 53/54 Winchester win mag that was easy to get info on. He got them during the LA riots not sure from whom. Hoping you might be able to find something on this


      There are 5 “makers marks” if I’m saying that right. One is a broken circle with maybe a flame above it. An eagle head with maybe Roman numerals below. A smaller eagles head with different numbers but same design as the larger. A third possible eagle head or flame can’t really tell. The last is again maybe an eagle but all have different numbers or letters really tiny below. This is for my own personal knowledge as I’m just curious about its providence.

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          Lisa Sharik Scout

          There is no overarching list of what weapons were assigned to what units. Remington Ilion produced 545,541 M 1917's  with the highest serial number being 647358 so your serial number is near the end of their production run if you have an Ilion. Remington Eddystone produced 1,181,908 rifles with the highest serial number being 1332477.


          This site U.S. Rifle Modle of 1903 (m1903.com)  has information on the M1917 and does have a place to ask questions.

          They have a listing of where the markings are located for either Remington Eddystone or Remington Ilion here:

          U.S. Rifle M1917 Markings (m1903.com)


          In my copy of the Springfield research guide the closest I found to your serial number was a Remington Eddystone serial number 636871 which was used in a firing test on October 24, 1918.


          The 1917 saw service in WWI and WWII.


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