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    Looking for information about parents of Luke Cass

    Judy Kain Jones Newbie

      Have hit brick walls trying to locate parents for Luke Cass (1796-1849). Have found various sources stating his father COULD be James, Major Jonathan or Joseph. None can be confirmed. Thanks for any help.

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          Judy Kain Jones Newbie

          Please note that there is ore than one Luke Cass. The Luke Cass I refer to is father to Sylvanus Cass, born in Muskingum County, OH.

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            Anna Nelson Newbie

            Hi! Thank you for using History Hub!

            We suggest that you review NARA’s Resources for Genealogists, as well as the History Hub Blog titled Suggestions and Advice for Family History Researchers. Also, the FamilySearch Research wiki for United States Genealogy may be useful. You may wish to note any name variants or broaden your search for the surrounding years. In addition, the FamilySearch Research wiki for [How to Find United States Vital Records] may be helpful. Do you have any more information about Luke? Perhaps who he married, where he was born, or the names of any siblings he may have had? An Ancestry search shows many options, so this information could help narrow things down.


            I hope this information was helpful.

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                Judy Kain Jones Newbie

                Thank you for your response.


                I have looked at various websites to assist my research (including those mentioned by you, above). I am regularly in Ancestry, Family Search, Geni, RootsWeb, and I also review Fold3, newspapers.com, the National Archives and Internet Archive for researching. I have also looked at various spellings, including (Cass/Case/Casse) to help narrow it down. I believe Luke Cass was married to Lucinda Monlux.


                From what I have found, one Luke Cass was born in Virginia (the son of John H. Cass and Mary Smith). The other Luke Cass was born in New England, possibly New Hampshire (the son of James Cass and (I believe) Ellen Marsh.) I am just not sure which is the right one as I cannot find details to affirm his move to Ohio where my 3x great-grandfather was born.


                I also first found info leading me to believe he was the son of Major Jonathan Cass and Molly Gilman, or Major Jonathan Cass and Mary Bean/Been (and would e step-brother to Lewis Cass). However, Lewis Cass is very prominent, and documentation does not show Luke as his sibling. With that said, I have been unable to find a definite list of his siblings - all of which would depend on who his father is.


                Many family trees have Luke's name listed under the various above mentioned fathers, but I have not found anything to confirm which it is.


                Thank you again for the help.