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    Is the USCIS service worth the cost?

    Michael Callahan Wayfarer

      About a year ago I paid $65 to have a search conducted and I received a simple letter listing the file numbers for the C-File and Visa File.  I feel ripped off because the USCIS provides no information as to content.  I was expecting to receive a listing of documents within each file so I could decide if it was worthwhile to then spend $130 for the two files.  I hate spending this money if all I am going to receive back are the same documents I obtained from Ancestry and other sites.  Am I being unreasonable in expecting the USCIS to provide sufficient info for me to make a decision?  I wouldn't mind so much the lack of data if the index search was free, but it wasn't.  The only reply back I have received from the USCIS is for them to keep sending me their form letter.