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    Seeking Military info on Fred A Johnson 1918

    Valarie Davies Newbie

      Hello, I have found the June 1917 OKC Draft Card and was SHOCKED to find a card from the VA Master Index for Fred A Johnson. You see, Fred A Johnson was an alias for my greatgrandather, Dave Sanders. It appears he enlisted (according to the Master Index Card, under the name Fred A Johnson and was discharged a week later. I am hoping there might be further info I can find w/ the service number from the master index. Curious to see if the one week service is do to the bogus name and birth information.  This was in OKC 1917-1918. Thank you for any help!


      I need to clarify, Fred A Johnson is the name he assumed about 1913 in OKC. He lived the remainder of his life as Fred A Johnson. Not a legal name change that we have found.


      Master index card for Frank A Johnson