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    Offering Transcription Help

    Henry Rosenberg Pioneer

      Hi All!

      Many people on this board doing By The People transcriptions have much experience and do not need help. Others have less experience and may have trouble with some of the script writing. When I first started doing this I had alot of trouble and spent much time trying to learn the handwriting of the person's papers I was transcribing. Many people don't have the time or patience and frequently give up. I would like to help people avoid that and help to encourage people to continue because there is so much work to do.


      So, if you would like help with a particular page and the moderators approve this, feel free to post it here.  I will be glad to look it over and see if I can help improve it. Please be assured my hope is that by showing people what the page should be, they will learn the handwriting and soon be able to tackle it all on their own. I can make modifications without saving them so you can compare. I can post the text of the page in response to your query.


      Please be assured, I am not perfect and do make mistakes and occasionally have trouble with pages but by working together we can make our work as close to perfect as possible. After all, this is for history and posterity.



      Happy transcribing,