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    Anyone know the Parents of Grace E. Buck ?


                     She was born in KY in August 1881 possibly near pellville, KY. Married to Noah Albert Hardin in 1898 could have been KY, IN, or IL.  She eventually moved out of State to Monmouth, IL Had several children. In 1922 she was living in Monmouth, IL.  Sometime between 1922 and 1930 she got divorced got remarried to Chester Kerr Southern and moved to Southern CA.  Died 1936 buried in Bakersfield, CA.  Noah died in KY.  Chester murdered in Oroville, CA 1933 San Francisco Chronicle   articles. I have tried everything I could think of.  Can't find Hancock, KY Marriage records or Marriage records for Spencer, IN.  Can not find birth records for Pellville, Hancock county, KY.  Her obit was very small that I found.. I am at brick wall time.