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    Who was Dwayne C Ulrey?

    Don Heeter Newbie

      Who was Dwayne C Ulrey?

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          Alice Lane Pioneer

          Hi Don,

          Welcome to History Hub.

          You can find information about Mr. Ulrey on MyHeritage.com. There are photos of him. They give a 14 day free trial. Click on the following link

          Dwayne Ulrey - Historical records and family trees - MyHeritage


          Hope this helps,

          Alice Lane,

          Research Volunteer

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              Don Heeter Newbie

              Dear Ms. Alice Lane,


              Thank you for your reply.

              Thank you for the link and the information.

              My middle name was taken from Dwayne Ulrey and my oldest sons first name is Dwayne. I don't remember

              Dwayne. I was 8 years old when he passed, he went into the service in Jan 14, 1942, (I don't know when he was discharged) I was born on Sep 25, 1942.

              I tree to Dwayne like this   - Don Heeter (me) - My father - Donald Heeter - His mother Sara Emerick - Her daughter - Vallie Partridge - Her son DWAYNE ULREY.

              I use to subscribe to My Heritage site but I could not afford to continue.

              I am 78 and my wife is 76 and we have been married 57 years and we live on a fixed income.

              I do not want My Heritage because they  will charge me after the 14 days, I do not want that, I can not afford the cost,

              I will not use their site for fear of being charged.  They have a very nice and helpful site, but food and medicine

              are items that come first for our survival.

              Thank you for your help and knowledge.

              I wish for you and your family and all of your co-workers and and their family's to be well and safe from the virus.


              Don Heeter       hghhdd@frontier.com