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    Seeking info on 1858 covered wagon train from Wilkinson County Georgia to Arkansas

    Rachel Dobson Wayfarer

      In 1858, several families left Wilkinson County, Georgia, and traveled together across Alabama, Mississippi to Arkansas in covered wagons. Among them were the Peacock family, the Hoovers, and others. I am looking for research about that trip and those families (my paternal grandmother was a Peacock in southeast Arkansas and a descendant of that family). About twenty-three years ago, in the early days of the Internet, I found a research paper online about this trip by a descendant of the Peacock family. I have since lost track of that paper. The author of the paper was female and I believe her name was Peacock. It might have won a prize of some kind. I have searched electronic databases for theses, the Internet Archive, Google Scholar, looking for it or a citation to the paper and have not been able to find it. Am hoping someone has heard of what I'm referring to and has a clue. PS This is NOT the book, The Children of Levi Peacock by Pierce, although I believe that trip is mentioned in that book. Thanks very much!