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    Seeking list of US Navy Ships stationed in Philippines

    Michael Frankie Denney Wayfarer

      May I ask for a list of US Navy ships stationed in Philippines 1973-1975?

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          Shane Bell Wayfarer

          Dear Mr. Denney,


          Thank you for posting your inquiry on History Hub.


          There are a significant number of logs from the Vietnam era that have been scanned.  These are being made available in the National Archives Catalog.  Below is some information and links that may assist your search.

          U.S. Navy Logbooks

          Navy logbooks are our most popular and well-known logbooks. Logbooks, also referred to as Captain's Logs or Deck Logs, consist of chronological entries documenting the daily activities of a Navy ship or unit. Individual logbooks are arranged chronologically by date, with entries in each day's log arranged chronologically by the time of day. The level of information contained in these volumes ranges from simple entries documenting daily routines to detailed meteorological and operational accounts. Information also can include:

          • Documentation of disciplinary hearings
          • Sick lists
          • Occasional injuries
          • Use of daily rations, etc.


          Information available differs widely based on when the logbook was created.

          Logbooks/Deck Logs are not detailed journals describing a ship's mission and all events transpiring in and around the ship, although they do sometimes provide information about a ship's operations. The entries can be repetitive and dry. They list officers until 1957 but do not list all the personnel on board. Look for those listings in the ship’s Muster Rolls or Personnel Diaries. Please keep in mind that references to individuals in a Deck Log are incidental and most service members are not referenced in a Deck Log. But a Deck Log can provide background information relating to the service of an individual service member such as identifying the service member’s location by identifying the ship’s location.


          Some of the Navy deck logs in NARA custody have been digitized and are available online through the National Archives Catalog. Please check the listing to see if a ship in which you are interested is available.


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