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    Seeking Clinton County, Iowa Court or Coroner's Inquest files from 1858

    Audrey Anders Newbie

      Quick question, this came to light after I posted yesterday:


      I was fortunate enough to find someone in a genealogy group go to Clinton County who was able to gather me some additional information, though limited. We were able to confirm that a grand jury session was conducted on 9/10/1858, where depositions by the witnesses and coroner were read.

      All that existed was the docket entry listing witness that testified, but no additional information or transcripts of the actual witness testimony. Generally speaking on a state case like that, if not found in the county clerk's office, would the Iowa state archives tend to hold those records? Or hold the deposition transcripts beyond just the docket information?

      I wasn't sure with covid also - Since the National Archives are closed in KC at this time, is there any index available to search beyond the entry stating that the court records from that district are located there? The archives website does state that some criminal records from the various districts are located there, but I'm unsure which district this case would have fallen into, having not been from the area.

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          Lauren Theodore Adventurer

          Dear Ms. Anders,


          Thank you for posting your follow up inquiry to History Hub.


          It is possible that the Iowa State Archives may have additional information on a state court case, however, you will need to contact that archives directly for more information. The majority of the records should be held within the court system, however.


          The National Archives holds U.S. Federal Court records created by Federal district courts, Federal circuit courts, Federal courts of appeal, and the Supreme Court. If you believe part of the case was tried within the federal court system, please contact the National Archives at Kansas City at kansascity.archives@nara.gov. There is no index available online to check for court cases in the collection; a staff member at that location will need to search their internal databases to provide more information.


          We hope this information is helpful.