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    Seeking information on WW2 shipwrecks I found

    Andrew MacLean Newbie

      Hi guys,


      I was on a hike the other day deep in the woods in Canada, and I came across some old rusted out shipwrecks sunk into the mud. Curious, I looked up the two boats and -of all things- they are American Navy landing craft from the Second World War.


      They are LSMs, and I believe they are numbers 46 and 56 (I'm reasonably confident on 56, less sure about 46). My understanding is they were used to transport tanks and heavy artillery to the battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa.


      It seems that LSM 46 was commanded by a Lt. F. R. Edwards (USNR) and was part of LSM Flotilla Five which was part of LSM Group 13.

      Meanwhile LSM 56 was commanded by a Lt. H Dark (USNR) and was part of LSM Flotilla Six and was part of LSM Group 16 (none of that means much to me, unfortunately, but was what I came across in my research)


      After the war they were sold as army surplus, and were used to transport pulpwood in Canada, hence how they ended up sunk in the mud on my hike. I've got the Canadian end of the story, which began in 1947, pretty much figured out.


      I'm just curious about more details of the  ships' American days in the US Navy.

      Where were they built, where did they go, how do I confirm where they served and what they did in the war, and is it possible to find out anything about the men who commanded/worked on them?


      If you guys had any information to share, or directions on where to search, that would be so very appreciated!