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    General Veteran Service History Lookup

    Erik Janeczko Newbie

      Is there anywhere online I can get free and quick access to very general information like dates of service and last rank for a veteran?

      My Brother (Peter G. Janeczko) retired last year from the Air Force and to honor his service I want to have a plaque made for him. I want to get his information accurate, but I don't want to tip him off to what I am doing either.... (PS- There really isn't family I can go to, as He doesn't talk to our parents, and my Sister-in-law and Nieces are generally not that great at keeping secrets, and would be a for sure tip-off as our Relationship is not the greatest either).

      Can someone please help me navigate through all the garbage websites that want to charge ridiculous money for inaccurate information? Why Doesn't the DOD or national Archives have an online form that allows an instant search for this type of very generic information?



      Erik A. Janeczko