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    Portuguese Passengers lists

    Suzanne Joseph Newbie

      I am trying to get infromation on my great grandparents. Antone Jose Bettencourt, last name in Sao Jorge, Azores Island, Portugal. In California, Antone Joseph.and great-grandmother, Rita, They came with 2 sons.. They arrived around 1879-1889.

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          Edward Wilson Wayfarer

          Hello and thanks for your question for History Hub.


          You are searching for a family member who immigrated from the Azores of Portugal to the US in 1879-1889: Antone Jose Bettencourt or his wife Rita Bettencourt and their two sons.  I checked Archives.gov Catalog and did not find anything responsive.


          I checked the US passenger list indexes on Ancestry.com and did not find anyone matching with the name and time period.  The only listing of a Antone J. Bettencourt in the passenger lists is for 1920-21 in California but no family is listed.  Other variations are for various Antonio Bettencourts from Portugal, even from the Azores, but are either too young to have children or arrived after the period specified.


          There are a few Rita Bettencourts in the passenger lists but only one arriving from the Azores in the time period (but without children or a husband).


          Given all this, you may want to see if there is any more information you can provide or check to see if a more specific year of arrival can be found.  The date of birth and port of entry are important information, if you know and can provide them, to locate someone in the passenger lists.  This information will sometimes be listed on the Census on other documentation such as Naturalization Petitions.


          For more information about passenger lists, please contact the National Archives at Washington, DC - Textual Reference (RDT1) at archives1reference@nara.gov.


          We hope this helps with your research.  Good luck!

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            Susannah Brooks Pioneer

            Could you give us the names and approximate birth years of the children?  Sometimes it is easier to find the arrival of children, especially young children, than it is to find the adults.

            If your ancestor was the Antone Jose Bettencourt born about 1846 who lived in Alamada County CA, he arrived sometime before July 1879, because according to California voter registration records he was naturalized 29 Jul 1884. 

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                Suzanne Joseph Newbie

                Susannah Brooks 1st thank you for trying to help me.  I did do a reply with everyone's age and birth in Azores,.My family name changed when they arrived in  USA to Joseph. I don;t beleive that Antone Jose Bettencourt in Alamada County, CA was my grandfather. My grandfather was Antonio Jose Bettencourt born1847 Azores/ changed to Antone Joseph USA .Antonio married Rita Joaquina de Azevedo in Azores. Rita born 1836 Azores/ chanded to Rita Joseph USA.. Their sons Manuel Jose Bettencourt born 1876, Azores/ Manuel B. Joseph in USA  and Antonio Jose Bettencourt born 1879// Changed in USA Antonio Joseph Jr. First found my family in Novato, CA USA when my great-grandfather died in Novato, CA 1890, When Antionio Joseph Jr died his death notice stated he arrived in USA with family when he was 3yrs old 1882? Thank you  any help yiu can give me. Suzanne Joseph


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                Timothy McGoldrick Adventurer

                Some records for Sao Jorge, Azores Island can be found at the following website:




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                  Suzanne Joseph Newbie

                  My great-grandparents, Antonio Jose Bettencourt born 1847 Sao Jorge, Azores, Potugal/ Antone Joseph in Novato, California USA and Rita Joaquina de Azevedo born 1836 Sao Jorge, Rita Joseph, Novato, CA USA and their two sons Manuel Jose Bettencourt born 1876, Azores/ Manuel Joseph Novato, California USA and Antonio Bettencourt Joseph born 1879 Azores/ Antone Joseph Novato, Califronia. Immigrated from the Azores sometime after Antone Jose Bettencourt birth in 1879 and 1890, 1st time I found my  family in USA  when my great-grandfather, Antone Joseph died in Novato, California USA and .when Antone Joseph Jr, died the death notice states he arrived in the USA when he was 3yrs old, 1882? I have looked under passports in Azores didn't find family leaving and on Ancestry.com and found nothing. I can't find any Naturalization Petitions.Rita Joseph., but she bought property in Novato, CA. 1902. Do you need to be a citzen of USA to buy property in that era? That is all I know about my ancestors.