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    "Save" vs. "submit"

    Abigail Shelton Wayfarer

      A few volunteers have asked us to clarify the "save" and "submit" features on the site and we're happy to help. A useful way to think about these two buttons is to imagine that they are switches that direct the transcription onto two different tracks. Kind of like a railroad!

      A screenshot from the By the People website with an orange box around the "save" button and a large orange arrow pointing to the button.

      Image 1: The save button appears in bold as soon as you begin entering text in the transcription box.


      The first-"save"-will send the transcription data onto the "In Progress" track. There the transcription can be picked up by another volunteer to finish. After you hit the "save" button and leave the page, the pages are marked as "In Progress" and any volunteer can start working. Please note that saving a page doesn't reserve it for you but rather releases it for any volunteer to be able to work on. You should use "save" when:

      1. You aren't able to finish a transcription but want to make sure that information you worked on stays in the transcription box.
      2. You have finished a transcription and want to "submit." You must first select "save" and then immediately select "submit for review." (see below for further instructions.) If you just select "save", the transcription will remain on the "In Progress" track until someone else hits "submit" and moves it to the "Needs Review" track.

      A screenshot of the By the People transcription page with an orange box around the "submit for review" button and large orange arrow pointing to the button.

      Image 2: The "submit" button appears in bold once you save your work and should be used when you are completely finished.


      The second-"submit"-moves the transcription onto the "Needs Review" track. Then another volunteer, who has registered for a By the People account, can look over your work and either make edits or approve the transcription as complete and accurate. After you hit "submit," the transcription is marked as "Needs Review" and other volunteers can find it by selecting the "Needs Review" label on the campaign or project page. Every single transcription needs to go through at least one round of review by another volunteer. Also, you cannot review or approve your own transcriptions. You should use "submit" when:

      1. You have completed transcribing a page, have already hit "save", and are ready to move the transcription onto the "Needs Review" track!


      We hope that helps clarify how each of these buttons works. But if you have more questions, feel free to reply to the thread here or take a look at our help documentation on By the People.


      And if you didn't notice, these images feature Teddy Roosevelt letters! Jump in to transcribe and review the campaign here: https://crowd.loc.gov/campaigns/rough-rider-bull-moose-theodore-roosevelt/


      Thanks all!


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          Henry Rosenberg Tracker

          If I may, if you start a page and decide it is too difficult and decide to abandon it, just hit "save". If you have pretty much finished the page but are not sure of a few words, I feel you should save and submit. Also, save frequently as you go. You could lose your work if there is an interruption in the server or if you forget to save while navigating between pages.