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    How do I find out who the 592nd Joint Assault Signal Company was assigned to during the battles in the Philippines?


      I'm trying to piece together on what happen to a cousin during World War II.

      His name is Joseph Wilfred Robert Sivigny   (the family name is Sevigny, but for some reason he spelt it with an i.)

      Service number 6137273 ; Rank Sergeant, US Army

      Unit: 592nd Joint Assault Signal Company.


      Date of death, February 16, 1945 and buried overseas at the Manila American Cemetery.


      Born on 31 December 1914 in Laconia, NH by Philippe J Sevigny and Georgiana (Deshainais).  The family moved to Lowell, MA before he joined the service.


      Since he was killed in service there is no DD214 filed at city hall or the state.

      No record available at the NPRC for him, due to the fire in 1973.

      I did get his IDPF, and from the handwritten notes in the file we know the following:

      Dec 1942  Fort Devens, MA

      Dec 1942 - Oct 1943 Fort Jackson, SC   (Training)

      Oct 1943 - June 1944 Fort Crowder, MO  (Signal Training)

      June 1944 POE  (Does that mean Port of Embarkation? )


      So, from June 1944 till his death in February 1945 I have no idea where he was in a sense.  He was wounded on Luzon and eventually died from them for the assault on the famed Corregidor.

      In the local paper reporting on his casualty, it stated he was in service for two years and four months, and that he went overseas last October(1944)

      The 592nd JASCO was a mix of service personnel that worked the communication between the ground forces and air/sea forces.  I would like to know Where I could find where Sivigny was assigned/attached to what Army Division/Regiment?

      From Googling the history on Luzon, there are a couple choices on who he was assigned to.  From the date of death, I gather he was killed on the date of the landing on Luzon.  Would the history of the 592nd JASCO list the names of members attached to different units?  OR would I have to search the US Army Division in the planned assault to find the members of the JASCO in their company?


      any help of ideas would be greatly appreciated.