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    Seeking Chickering & Sons Piano Factory Stereo views

    Jim Kelly Wayfarer

      I am a piano technician and researcher doing deep research on the Chickering & Sons Piano Manufactory at 791 Tremont Street in Boston. The factory was built in 1853/1854 and was one of the largest buildings in the US covering 5 acres of property that was on the fringe of Boston on what today is called the Back Bay.  Pictures of the construction have been impossible to find and I would be ecstatic to find some. However I came across an entry in a music trades article that stated a Boston collector by the name of Hallie C Blake purchased a desk owned by one of the Chickering sons and found a set of stereographs or stereo views in a desk drawer. The views where made in the 1880s but found by Blake in 1919.  I have searched far and wide and have asked collectors and sellers on eBay but as of yet the views have not been found. The views are on the interior of the factory showing machinery, workers, various operations of piano making.  A Boston photographer by the name of TE Marr took some photos inside the factory but only two where published in the 1920s. 100 boxes of his records where listed as being at the Boston Public Library in a records inventory called COPAR. The library has not been able to find these.  There was a popular project at one time to take stereos of the interior of factories so the public would know what companies did inside their walls. I have seen many taken inside mills, leather shops, machine shops but no piano factories.