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    Seeking identification of sashes

    Lou Ward Newbie
      I have found a wedding ring from my grandma with a engravement, as well as I have two sashes. Can anyone identify these sashes? Help. The mystery continues. I also have quite a distinguished military family on the "Bach" side from Utrecht Netherlands over the last 250 years. Could they be part of that side of the family possibly?  I have a better picture of Grandpa Newman wearing his banners and sashes from the U.S.A. Thank you to all the 283 people that have viewed my original post there has to be an answer out there somewhere!

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          Alex Daverede Adventurer



          The two items in the color images are consistent with elements of U.S. Army uniforms of the mid to late nineteenth century.  The red sash is a fairly common uniform item worn by both officers and senior enlisted personnel.  The sashes could be worn two different ways: around the waist, usually under a sword belt; and across one shoulder.  The sash around the waist is normally a dress uniform item, while the sash across the shoulder may indicate an officer in a duty status such as officer of the day.


          The second color item is normally called a lanyard, and it was a feature of U.S. Army uniforms beginning in the 1870’s, when the Army changed its dress uniform regulations to adopt a more Prussian appearance.  These lanyards normally appear in the color of the branch of the wearer—light blue for infantry, red for artillery, yellow for cavalry, etc.  Your example appears to be a faded gold bullion color, which may indicate an officer’s uniform item.  These types of lanyards apparently survived in the Army’s uniform regulations until the first decade of the twentieth century.


          The items worn in the b/w photo appear to be non-military in origin, perhaps award in recognition of military service or for a specific event.


          I hope you find this information useful in your research.


          A. J.

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            Lisa Sharik Scout

            The ribbon on his jacket is for a Grand Army of the Republic event. See examples attached. The Grand Army of the Republic was a fraternal organization composed of veterans of the Union Army, Union Navy, Marines and the U.S. Revenue Cutter Service who served in the American Civil War. It was founded in 1866.

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            Grand Army of the Republic MealGrand Army of the Republic event ribbon

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              Elliot Schneider Ranger



              Can you provide us with more information on the gentleman in the picture? Name, DOB, place of birth?