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    Seeking information on Chicago, Anamosa & Northern Railway

    Michael Reeves Newbie

      I have several newspaper articles indicating that the Chicago, Anamosa and Northern railway in rural Iowa went bankrupt, was sold for scrap to Herman Sonken, a junk dealer in Kansas City, and eventually shipped over to England around 1918 to support the Allies during World War I.  I'm looking for documents that would show transfer of the railroad from the United States to the United Kingdom, what the ship and port of departure were in the United States, where in England the railway was re-established, and they eventual disposition of the railroad equipment (locomotives, railcars, tracks, bridges etc) was.  I have a similar question into the UK National Archives in Kew, Richmond, Surrey, England. I'm also looking for any photographs of the Chicago, Anamosa and Northern Railway. Thank you, in advance, for any documentation, help, or additional referrals for research you can provide