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    Seeking military bounty warrants for Tennessee

    susana leniski Newbie

      Hello,  I located a land grant in Lawrence County, Tennessee. The land grant was in the collection for land grants given by North Carolina and Tennessee (Early North Carolina/Tennessee Land Grants). The document is from 1828. The land grant mentions that the person who got the land grant EXCHANGE CERTIFICATES (25 acres each- he exchanged 3 in total for 150 acres. The document has the number of these certificates). Also it mentions that his claim was under the act of 1825. The document that I was able to locate is just one page. I contacted the State Archives in Tennessee and they told me that they have the same page, there isn't a "land file". Can anyone tell me what those certificates were for? What was the act of 1825? I'm assuming that the certificates were for military service. What war? Any information would be greatly appreciated Thank  you