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    Seeking story behind Mud Pies article

    Joe Robinson Newbie

      I'm from UK doing some research about the history of children's play with sand castles and mud pies, etc. In an article in the Savannah Morning News, November 27, 1871 (page 1, column 3) there is a brief notification...


      'Little Lewis Jenkins and little Johnny Daly were two manumitted infants, of Atlanta, aged respectively eleven and nine. In a controversy over a mud pie Lewis playfully snapped a pistol at Johnny, and the latter is now a member of the Diet of Worms.'


      I've looked for other references on the story and only found the same note copied and repeated abroad. I'm not familiar with US cultural history in detail and just wanted to inquire if, from anyone's experience, this was likely to be accurate note on something that happened. It just seemed such a short note on something quite traumatic and the 'Diet of Worms' comment seems remarkably unkind when mentioning a child's death. But I'm unfamiliar with the context of that time or place. If anyone could give me their opinion I'd be most grateful.