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    Seeking record of visits with doctors & claims submitted to VA

    bret spencer Newbie

      I am trying to find records of visit with University of Wyoming psychiatrist/doctors and record of claims submitted to VA in early 1980s As a result of these head trauma incidents (see Seeking records of incident at Fort Jackson & Seeking records of 10th Air Defense Artillery Group, while at the University of Wyoming, I was having noticeable and sometimes severe cognition and logic resolution skills.  I was referred and did see a neurological doctor and specialist referred by the university student physician.  At the time I was also submitting disability claims to the VA, which were never approved.  My mother's family doctor did confirm that I had completely lost septum and I have a record of this if helps.  I had been to see my mother's doctor in Issaquah, Washington in answer to documenting and filing these VA claims at that time.  I do not have copies of the records submitted with these claims, nor the content of these claims filed in early 1980s, nor can I find any copy of my visit to this university specialist psychiatrist with whom I visited more than once.  Again thanks kindly for your help and assistance.