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    Looking for transcripts of congressional hearings about Western Union 1869-1883

    Keach Hagey Newbie

      Sepcifically, I'm looking for this document behind these three footnotes:


      H.R. REP. No. 40-32, at 12.

      Committee on the Judiciary, Feb. 25, 1875. Western Union Hearing, supra note 44

      "Telegraph Lines," 43rd Cong., 2nd sess., H. Rpt. 125, 1875 (serial 1657), p. 1


      Can anyone tell me how to find these House and Senate records online?

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          Legislative Archives Scout

          Hi Keach -- thanks for posting to History Hub!


          The second and third references are to published congressional reports -- the first is to House Report No. 32 in the 40th Congress and the third is to House Report No. 125 in the 43rd Congress titled "Telegraph Lines".


          Both would have been published as a part of the Serial Set. I recommend checking with a local academic or law library for access to ProQuest Congressional -- a subscription database with the full text of the Serial Set. Or if not ProQuest, I believe HeinOnline and LexisNexis both also have the Serial Set.


          The second reference is to a congressional hearing before the Committee of the Judiciary on Feb. 25, 1875 (the end of the 43rd Congress), although it's unclear if it's referring to the House or Senate Judiciary Committee.


          Again, I would recommend you find access to ProQuest Congressional. The database has a module -- the Hearing Digital Collection -- that includes the full text of published congressional hearing transcripts from 1824.


          Congressional hearings can sometimes be found freely available online through websites like Hathi Trust, Google Books, and the Internet Archive, but they're usually found via searching the title of the hearing. Since you only have the date and topic, I think your best bet is ProQuest Congressional.


          For further insight on finding hearings, the Law Library of Congress has published a helpful guide on How to Locate a Published Congressional Transcript.




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