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    Seeking information about Manuel DuPont & Mary Freitas

    Maureen Christy Newbie

      I am trying to find information on my grandfather's parents. My grandfather is Fred James DuPont who was born on 07/10/1903 in Oakland, Alameda Co, CA and died on 05/09/1981 in Sonoma, CA. His mother was Mary Freitas who was born in Portugal in 1866 and died in 1934 in Alameda, CA. His father, I believe, is Manuel DuPont who was born in1866 and died in 1920. That is all I can find on him. I know Mary Freitas arrived on the ship "The City of Paris" and she was married to Antone Vierra before she married Manuel DuPont. She was in Hawaii before coming to the U.S. Thank you so much for your time and your help