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    Was White Oak Church attacked in the Civil War?

    Joanne Drummond Newbie

      I just received my great great grandfather's Civil War pension file, and it says he was shot in the shoulder at the White Oak Church Camp in the Battle of Fredericksburg in May, 1863. According to what I read, the area around this church was a Yankee encampment near Fredericksburg for seven months starting in November 1862. I was wondering if this camp was attacked in the Battle of Fredericksburg in May or if my ancestor was accidentally shot by another Union soldier. He was a member of the New Jersey 23rd Infantry, known as the Jersey Yahoos, who got their name because they were so disorganized and untrained, which is what led me to wonder if he was injured by friendly fire. In reading about the battle, it appears that the Union had to rapidly change position as they were being surrounded, but I couldn't determine if the camp was attacked.