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    What's the significance of Women's History Month?

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      I'm not clear on the background to Women's History Month - what's its significance?  And why March?

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          Dear History Fan -

          You can read about the legislative history of Women's History Month on the womenshistorymonth.gov page.

          All the best and feel free to contact us if we can be further assistance.

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            Hi History Fan,


            Great question!


            Women's History Month had humble beginnings when a single week in March was recognized as “Women's History Week” in Sonoma County, California in 1978. At the time an education task force in Sonoma recommended that in order to help school principals meet Title IX regulations they celebrate a Women's History Week. Women's History Week included school and community events highlighting important contributions of women. The original Women's History Week in March was chosen in part to coincide with International Women's Rights Day (March 8th). Women's History Week went national in 1981 when Senator Orrin Hatch, Republican of Utah, and Representative Barbara Mikulski, Democrat of Maryland, presented a congressional resolution to recognize Women's History Week across the country. In 1987, Congress agreed to extend Women's History Week to include the entire month of March.


            Women's History Month is significant because it draws attention to the women who helped lead the way in fighting for those rights. Women's History Month also helps draws attention to current struggles for women's equality, such as ensuring economic and educational opportunities for all women, ending violence against women, and addressing the harms to women and girls caught up in the criminal justice system.


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