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    Seeking Soldier/Marine that executed prisoners to save buddies

    Thomas Fowlkes Newbie

      I am currently researching ideas for a case study that I want to deliver. I remember several years ago hearing a story about a service member in Vietnam making a life and death decision to execute enemy prisoners to save his friends. From what I recall, the story started with the service members on patrol, I want to say they may have been Reconnaissance Marines, during the Vietnam War. They were ambushed, with the majority of the American patrol being killed. The survivors evaded the enemy for days. At some point in the story, enemy soldiers are captured (do not recall if they were Viet Cong or NVA) and all but one of the Americans become mortally wounded. Ultimately, the American makes the decision to kill the prisoners and carries his wounded buddy or buddies back through miles and miles of jungle to the nearest base. I am seeking guidance of two key issues. One, is this story even true? Two. If so, could someone please provide some key details (name, unit, date, etc) that could provide me a direction for my research? Thank you all for any assistance you may provide.