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    Seeking information about watch given to relative

    Michelle Trepp Newbie

      I have a gold watch belonging to my great great grandfather (Mr. Strunck) with the inscription:  " Herr Kanzleirat Strunck, aus Dankbarkeit der Veteranen Verein dated June 12 1910 Strafsburg"  I'm told the rough translation is: His Chairman Mr. Counselor Our Gratitude The Veterans Society  (I understood him to be the head of the German Veterans Organization pre-WWI). Leather Case w/Satin insert in original condition.  Unknown mfg. name.  Believed to be Swiss.  I have no other information.  thank you

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          Dear Ms. Trepp,


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          According to the dissertation Veterans, War Widows, and National Belonging in Alsace, 1871-1953 by Devlin Marshall Scofield (2015), the Veteran’s Organization of Strasbourg (Veteranenverein Straßburg) was established in 1885, and “the newly appointed associational president, a Comrade Strunck” gave a speech “at the inaugural meeting of the association in October 1885[.]” The organization seems to have been established to honor veterans of the Franco-Prussian war, including the Siege of Strasbourg in 1870, and there was a celebration to mark the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Veterans Organization in 1910. Although we cannot confirm that the watch belonging to your great-great grandfather was presented as part of this celebration, it is possible that it is related to the event. You may be able to use the resources listed in the bibliography to learn more about the Veterans Organization.


          If you wish to research genealogy in the region of Strasbourg, FamilySearch provides information online about resources related to Alsace and to the Strasbourg France Family History Center. You also may wish to contact the City Archives of Strasbourg for any additional assistance.


          We hope this is helpful. Best of luck with your family research!