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    Seeking records about Richmond & York River Railroad bridge/trestle

    r mccracken Newbie

      Where can I locate any military records, maps or photographs dealing with the Civil War era construction or destruction of the Richmond and York River Railroad bridge / trestle crossing the Cohoke Mill Pond in King William County Virginia?  The railroad in this area was constructed around 1860.  I have located May 22, 1861 correspondence from Commander H. B. Tomlin at West Point Virginia to General Robert E. Lee concerning the need to guard the railroad bridge.  I believe the retreating confederates may have destroyed the bridge during the Peninsula campaign.  Around May, 1862, as McClellan began his march up the Peninsula, General Joseph E. Johnston ordered Captain Carrington to burn the RYRRR bridges from West Point to Richmond.  A July 2,1862 Richmond Dispatch newspaper article states the railroad line from White House to West Point (Va) had not been destroyed by federal troops but spring rains and the loss of the Cohoke pond bridge made the line unusable.  I am particularly interested in any Civil War era photographs or engineering drawings of the Cohoke bridge.