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    Seeking deportation records of Wilhelm Bratkowski

    Kylie Matthews Newbie

      Hello! I'm trying to locate my husband's grandfather's records in the USA. A life-long communist, family lore dictates he was deported during the Red Scare round ups in 1920-1921 but I'm having difficulty locating any records of this. His information is:

      Name: Wilhelm Kazimierz Bratkowski (may have Americanized it to William while living in the USA - later changed it to Guillaume Casimir while in France).

      Birth: March 30, 1893 in Dabrowa Gornicza, second son of Felix Bratkowski and Caroline Pis.

      Religion: Roman Catholic. Church baptized: Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels in Huta Bankowa, Dabrowa Gornicza, near Krakow.

      Occupation: Butcher / charcutier

      Emigration to USA: Unknown but suspect it was sometime between 1903-1910.

      Deportation from USA: Unknown but suspect it was around 1920 as he popped up again in Paris a short time later.

      Marriage: to Aimee Louise Noury in Paris, France in November, 1925.

      Children: Birth of son Guy Casimir Bratkowski on 28 June. 1928 in Paris 14.

      Death: 1967 Paris, France.


      I appreciate that there is a list of red scare deportees online at https://kenyonzimmer.com/category/red-scare-deportees/  but his name does not feature on it. This man was never able to get French citizenship because he was not considered 'of good character' owing to his deportment from the USA. This meant that, when the Nazis invaded Paris in WWII, he was rounded up and sent to Germany to work as a POW as most other Poles were at that time. Is there any way I can access information about this man's deportation from the USA? Find out which ship he was deported on and its destination? Thank you!