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    Seeking census records for Guiseppe Dragonetti

    John Dragonetti Newbie

      Greetings, I am in the process of applying for dual citizenship in Italy. One of the requirements is providing certified census records from the National Archives for my ancestor for the years 1900  and 1910. I have found no record of him listed in either census. I have used web search sites such as Ancestry.com and others. I have also searched the National Archives but am not sure of my search skills. I found no record in NARA. My ancestors name is : Guiseppe Vincenzo Dragonetti (grandfather). He was born in Anzi, Italy June 18, 1870. He emigrated to New York City in 1894. Had a spouse named Rosa, was a bartender in NYC, had children, etc. He died September 23, 1908. Can anyone instruct me on how to get a certified census record from NARA and or how to get a certified letter of "no record"? Thank you and best regards.