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    Seeking records of Mark XVIII Torpedo & USS Tang

    Karen Caverly Molineaux Newbie

      Hello. I will be doing my Master's thesis on the WWII sub USS Tang that was sank by her own torpedo in the Formosa Strait on October 24/25, 1944. I want to specifically look at government reports on the Mark XVIII torpedoes, in which the ok was given at some point to discontinue the anti-circling mechanism, and who gave that ok. I want to look at the testing that was done, and I know it wasn't much. I have found one report that has been declassified and have added it to my research, but looking for all information related to the sinking of the Tang - and any other subs - by their own Mark XVIII torpedoes. It was well-known that the Mark XIV (Mark 14) torpedoes had this issue, but I am wanting to look at the issues that the Mark XVIII (Mark 18) torpedoes had. My research is focusing on the Tang's last war patrol on that date, specifically at the time of the firing of torpedo #23 and #24, and the subsequent hit by torpedo #24.  Thanks in advance!