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    Loula West Case Files at the National Archives at Fort Worth


      Archives and Loula West Cases: Nestled among the records relating to Choctaw-Chickasaw Citizenship are the Loula West Case Files. From 1905-1907, the Dawes Commission received applications for children of Intermarried Whites seeking enrollment as Choctaw or Chickasaw citizens by blood. Among the case documents you will find listed the names of all applicants, their attorneys, general genealogical material, a summary of papers files, as well as the Dawes Commission's decisions. You can search the National Archives Catalog for the names listed among these cases. While cases papers are not available online yet, the National Archives at Fort Worth has digitized them. Take a look on our Catalog and see if you find a Loula West case file. Then contact us at ftworth.archives@nara.gov to request copies. (RG 75, Muskogee Area Office, NAID 650074)


      Here are the cases papers to the first case (listed as "C1")--they pertain to Charles Miner Dorchester, Fannie May Dorchester, Mack Dorchester, and Samuel Dorchester.