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    Seeking parentage of Elizabeth Sheridan

    Alyson Jones Newbie

      I am in dire need of help finding my great grandmother's parentage. I have census records from 1900 straight through to 1940 all indicating father and mother is from Ireland. Death record lists father as Phillip Sheridan but nothing for the mother. I have tried family search, NYC Archives and ancestry all to no avail. My ancestor is Elizabeth Sheridan sometimes she pops up as Lizzie born 1868.  I found an index for her marriage certificate but no image was available for further information. I have checked asylum ,orphanage, prison and even bodies in transit archives. Can someone please help me with this? I can't find a birth certificate or baptism record for Elizabeth Sheridan  born July 1, 1868 this is confirmed by her death record. Thank you in advance for your help.

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          Alice Lane Pioneer

          Hi Alyson,

          Welcome to History Hub

          So that we can assist you further can you give Elizabeth's marriage name and date of death and any places

          that she may have lived. Also names of any family members and places that the parents may may lived.

          Do you happen to know when her parents came to the United States.


          Thank you

          Alice Lane

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              Alyson Jones Newbie

              Hi Alice! Thank you for responding and thank you for the welcome. Here is all the information I have on Elizabeth Sheridan. She was married, I believe, in September 1893 in Mt Vernon NY. The names listed as Bride and Groom are Lizzie Sheridan and Matthew Kirnan. I often see Kiernan spelled incorrectly in the census. I am not positive this is my relative but it seems likely. The second source and as to why I looked for marriage records dating from 1891-1893 was due to the 1900 Census estimating the marriage to be 1892. From 1900 through 1940 all the census records indicate Lizzie living in Manhattan. I have the actual addresses if you need them.

              Her death certificate lists Philip Sheridan as her father and born in Ireland but no information on her mother. Most of the census records indicate both her parents having been born in Ireland. I have not been able to locate a census record that includes Phillip and Elizabeth together that makes sense with the other information I have on her. I am only assuming that they came in through NYC port but I don't know.

              I have done the ancestryDNA and followed some of the Baptism God Parents names making the assumption that you wouldn't allow a stranger to be your childs God Parents. So, I don't know how they fit but I have also done a partial tree for the God Parents of my grandmother.

              OK Here we go: =)


              Elizabeth "Lizzie" Sheridan

              Born: July 1, 1868 (Death Record)

              Died: April 10, 1948 in Manhattan

              Married Mathew Kiernan 1892/93 Only guessing the Mt Vernon is the place

              They had 5 living children. 3 unknown deceased children prior to the 1900 census


              Children of Lizzie and Matthew:

              John Joseph Kiernan July 26, 1894 (?) Died July 10, 1968

              Frances "Fannie" Kiernan September 4, 1897 (Mass Card) Never married

              Matthew Edward Kiernan May 13th, 1901 (He changed his name to Edward sometime in the late 30's)

              James Kiernan April 7, 1903

              Josephine Kiernan September 8,1910 (My grandmother)


              Please let me know how else I can help. Thank you SO much. I have been stuck at this brick wall for literally 5 years.

              Most Sincerely,


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              Cara Jensen Tracker

              Dear Ms. Jones,


              Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


              As parental names may be listed on marriage records, we suggest that you contact the Mount Vernon City Clerk to request the marriage certificate of Lizzie Sheridan.   We also suggest that you resubmit your request to the New York City Municipal Archives using all name variants. You also may wish to search the New York City online city directories for listings of Sheridans around the 1868 time frame.  This would give you an address to search the 1870 census. 


              As naturalization records may list names of spouses, you may wish to search the online indexes and rolls located at Naturalization Records at the National Archives at New York City for information about Philip Sheridan.   Some of the links may lead you to FamilySearch and/or Ancestry websites. Instead of paying a fee, please check for access at your local library as many library systems subscribe to these sites, making them free for their patrons. 


              We hope this is helpful. Best of luck with your family research!


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                  Alyson Jones Newbie


                  Thank you for you suggestions. I have been in contact with the Mount Vernon city clerk and currently awaiting a response. Unfortunately, I don't have the resources (money) to ask for the Archives to search the years and variant names of Lizzie. I found in the 1868 directory a mention of only one Philip Sheridan. I tried using the database you suggested but I was having a hard time navigating it. In the end, the ED for the 1870 census can't be used due to the NYC 1870 census not listing home numbers. When using the map provided, naturally, Philip Sheridan was directly on the cut off line of 18 and 20. I'm guessing those numbers are Wards.

                  Doing a general 1870 Census search I was unable to find a Philip Sheridan with an "appropriate" age to have a 2 year old child. Also, there weren't any Philip Sheridans with a daughter around 2 years old having Lizzie or any other Elizabeth name variant that I found.

                  Using your suggestion I will try the Naturalization Records and hope that I find something.

                  Thank you for your help and interest in my endeavor.