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    Seeking information on great-grandfather's Navy service

    Lori Selph Newbie

      I am looking for any information on my great-grandfather's service during World War II. He was enlisted in the Navy in Miami, Florida and was sent to the Pacific from San Diego, CA. The last story he told me was he was on a ship and was supposed  to be in the first wave to land on the mainland of Japan. He told me his commanding officers briefed the unit that they would lose almost all of the first wave upon landing. Of course the fleet was unaware of the two Atomic Bombs that were going to be dropped and that Japan would surrender days after. This saved my great-grandfather's life.  My great-grandfather also made other landings in the Pacific Islands of Japan. He will be 97 this April. He does not talk too much about his time in the service. He is running short on time and I would like to give him some closure on this part of his life. He has never been acknowledged for his service, as he claims he didn't do anything special, but to me, he sacrificed part of his soul that still haunts him today.