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    Seeking military records with person listed on 1st line & father on the next

    Shirley Hartley Newbie

      Where can I find military papers that are typed with the person and has his father's name on the next line?  One name is Charles Duncan (Born on 6/27/1877). His registration card says Serial number 598 and order number is 383 and his registrar's report is #13-3-23-C with this card dated 9/12/1918. The other name is Joseph Taylor Duncan (Born on 11/14/1891).  His registration card number Form number is 466 and to the right says No. 35.   His registrar's number is 13-2-28-A with this card dated 6/5/1917.  Another Registration cards says (Men born on or after April 1877 and before Feb 16, 1897)  serial number is 1860 and there is no date, but was probably in 1942 because it says he was 50 years old at the time. Both men were born in Trimble County, Kentucky and lived in Johnson County, Indiana in 1917 and 1918.  Any help finding the forms that have their father listed is appreciated.