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    Seeking information if Indian census was altered

    Rosanna Miranda Newbie

      I am seeking information if the Indian Census records where in NARA facility, how can the Indian census get altered? What year did the all of California Indian Census 1885-1940 and especially from 1930 - 1940 Census's  transfer into the NARA from the American Indian Record Repository facility? What year did the records from American Indian Record Repository leave the Bureau of Indian Affairs in either Riverside or Sacramento Regional offices? And once they are in the AIRR facility is anyone allowed in there to view any records? Does anyone know any of these answers to my questions?  Where do I look?

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          Rebecca Collier Ranger

          Dear Ms. Miranda,


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          While agencies have wide latitude over their records as the creator, once they are legally accessioned by the National Archives, NARA cannot and will not alter any historical records. If historians find something incorrect, they can present the record and their correction in books or talks or if used in court proceedings, the incorrect record can be shown as such with evidence.


          National Archives facilities nationwide hold census records from the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The most famous and largest census series, that one sees online and via Ancestry of all agencies 1885-1940, was accessioned directly from the BIA in the 1950s into our holdings. Other local census records have been accessioned by NARA field units directly from BIA agencies or area offices.


          The American Indian Records Repository (AIRR) was created in the early 2000s in response to the Cobell lawsuit and NARA has not accessioned any BIA records since then. Therefore, NARA has NOT accessioned anything from AIRR nor has any timeline for future accessions. AIRR is run by the Department of Interior’s Bureau of Trust Funds Administration and any questions regarding access needs to be made directly to AIRR or the particular BIA area office in question.


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