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    Seeking Provost Marshal records for George Schuch

    Keith Schuch Wayfarer

      George Schuch, who served with the 10th Ohio Infantry, Co E, went  AWOL in December 1861 in Cincinnati, OH.  I wanted to know if he was arrested for being AWOL or did he return on his own. I have checked the National Archive and they don't have records on his Court Martial but it was noted in the Unit daily log that he was Courts-Martialed and found guilty with a loss of pay for the time spent AWOL. He did have a second Courts-Martial for insulting an 0fficer which I did find the records.

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          Here please follow link to request George Schuck Court Martial File


          Record Group 153:

          Records of the Office of the Judge Advocate General (Army), 1792 - 2010Series:

          Court Martial Case Files, 12/1800 - 10/1894File Unit:

          Schuck, George -- Private, Ohio - 10th Infantry, Company D









          Elliot Schneider

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              Keith Schuch Wayfarer

              The record you list is for his second Court Martial in 1864. I was looking to find out about his first Court martial in 1863 when he returned to the Unit after going Awol for nearly two years. I was curious did he return on his own or was he arrested by the Provost Martial in Cincinnati,Ohio for being AWOL. I have that entire file already.

                The Second Courts Martial was very interesting. He was talking to an officer from another Company in the 10th Ohio when they heard a bang. The Officer thought it might be enemy fire but my ancestor knew it was target practice by Federal Soldiers nearby. He said something in German to the effect of Only a fool would think that it was enemy fire. The officer thought he had accused him of being a thief !  He was tried and found not guilty. He sat in the stockade for six weeks and wrote letters to the Judge asking why he was still in the Stockade after being found not guilty. In the mean time his enlistment had run out and his unit had been sent back to Ohio to muster out. The Judge said yes he should be released immediately. The Jailers said they did not get the paper work to release him. Months later George Schuch reenlisted and was assigned as a 1st Sgt to E Co. 183rd Ohio Inf which was being formed in Camp Dennison,Ohio.  a few weeks later the same officer Cpt Amis was assigned as his Company Commander ! The roster showed George Schuch was reduced in rank back to Sgt and replaced by another Sgt as 1st Sgt. I can't imagine what George must have thought after seeing the same officer who put him through six weeks in the stockade over a misunderstanding  showing up at the HQ to be your new Commander. The file has photo copies of the letters George Schuch wrote to the judge. Seeing letters written in his own hand writing over a hundred and fifty years ago was quite a thrill. As always thanks again for your research.

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              Keith, Could this be your George Schuch

              PinterestGeorge Schuch, Company E, 183rd Ohio Infantry


              Uploaded by Kraig McNutt

              Might be a good idea to contact Mr. McNutt he also has loads of Ohio Civil War Photos at the following






              George Schuch, Company E, 183rd Ohio Infantry



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                Dear Mr. Schuch,


                Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


                The Court Martial Case Files, 12/1800 - 10/1894 in the Records of the Office of the Judge Advocate General (Army) (Record Group 153) consists of the records of general courts-martial. The War Department typically did not consider any records of lesser court cases such as summary, garrison, and regimental courts-martial as permanent. The National Archives does have a few garrison and regimental courts-martial records mixed in with other records considered permanent, but none for that date and geographic coverage. Likewise, there would be no Provost Marshal records of the incident. If this was a regimental courts-martial, the only records NARA would have are those that you already located.


                We hope this information is helpful.


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