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    Seeking rosters of 120th Quartermaster & 180th Infantry Regiments


      I am looking for information/service dates/units for my grandfather, Stanley B. Weil, from Pawnee, OK. I am unable to find him in any records, but remember some details he shared before his passing in 1994. Specifically, his units to piece together his awards and if he indeed served with Jack Tredwell.  So I am seeking information & rosters of the 45th Infantry (120th Quartermaster & 180th Infantry Regiments).  He joined the Army at Camp Barkley, was a Tech Sergeant in 120th QM, busted down to Private and sent to 180th Infantry (F Co?), discharged as PFC with a CIB, PH and Bronze Star, yet he does not appear in any rosters I can find. As he was my only family, I desperately want to piece together my memories of him with facts.